About Me

I started playing Poker when I was 18 and this was mostly with friends while at college. At the time, it was just another interesting card game. With time, the game and its intricacies started pulling me. I wanted to learn everything there was about the game. The only way I could really learn was by playing and I began to play online and testing my abilities against the many others. Money was hard to come by since I was in college and therefore this was not often. I began to buy books on Poker and spent my time understanding every small strategy and trick. This was combined with long hours of watching people play poker on TV. I began to concentrate on the game and slowly began to turn my losing game into one that was strategically sound. This helped me win quite a few games. In a matter of months, I could establish myself as a winning player online. I started putting in hours online winning and taking care of my bankroll which was considerable by then. I realized that I could very easily put together my knowledge about poker online to help so many others. I began to work on my website, which primarily talks about Poker, Guides about playing, the types of poker offered online, the various challenges, the most popular games online and so on. It was a lot of work but I completely enjoyed myself creating it. With time, I have combined my efforts with a few friends who are equally passionate about gambling online and possess extensive knowledge about many other games. We also got on board a friend who is well versed with the technical aspect of playing online. So, we now have a complete team who has helped create a comprehensive website that covers wide-ranging topics that are sure to help you develop your game.